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Our subscription plan will help you put your newfound skills into practice. With the help of additional certifications, regular live Q&As, interactive workshops, and email support, you'll get everything you need to succeed.

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  • ➛  Protect your investment. Changes in your team? No problem. With an Academy subscription, you can transfer account access to a different team member.
  • ➛  Fresh materials - including industry news and Exponea product releases.
  • ➛  Continuously growing course portfolio and constantly improving courses.
  • ➛  As of now, more than 80 hours of valuable content available.

Subscription Plans

Standard Subscription

  • Access to two full certifications - pick what's right for you
  • Renews every 12 months
  • See the benefits above
  • European market price: 1000 EUR/GBP
  • US market price: 1100 USD

Champion Subscription

  • Access to an unlimited number of certifications - take any course as many times as you wish
  • Access to exclusive Champion webinars
  • See the benefits above
  • Contract length: 12 months
  • European market price: 2000 EUR/GBP
  • US market price: 2200 USD

Single Certificate

1 attendee
1 000

No savings.
3 attendee
2 500

Save 17%!
5 attendee
3 700

Save 26%!
10 attendee
5 700

Save 43%!

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